Upcoming Workshops for 2019

Vision Boarding

This workshop is for you if,

  • you have ever been interested in creating a vision board, and haven’t found the time to get round to it
  • you are curious about creating something visual and playful to support your life goals
  • you are looking for motivation to move toward your preferred future
  • you are interested in identifying and affirming your core life values
  • you have so many ideas about what you want to do it feels overwhelming
  • you are in a time of transition and are feeling unsure about what comes next

This experiential workshop will provide guidance on how to start your own Vision Board, and allow you, if you wish, the opportunity to share your stories with others in a supportive environment.

The 3 hour workshop is $60 including tax.  You are invited to give yourself the gift of some Me-Time, where you will be encouraged to slow down, to reflect, and to play with glue sticks and blunt scissors!  Absolutely no creative or artistic experience is necessary!

The workshop will be held at FitJourney on Sunday 11th February from 1.30pm to 3.30pm.  There will be extra time afterwards for you to continue working on your Vision Board.

Please use the contact form to express your interest or request further information.

Phenomenal Woman

Our Phenomenal Woman workshops offer a full day of inspiration, reflection, care and support for your mind, body and spirit/soul/energy.  Join us and let yourself focus on you – your valuable uniqueness and wonderfulness – the Phenomenal Woman you are!

For women who are looking for that re-set button, in the company and support of other women, this full day will inspire you to explore what you need and what you desire.  Whether you are feeling stuck, tired, irritable or frustrated, this day of slowing down, focussing and reflecting will allow you to nourish your own needs and continue with greater energy, motivation and inspiration.

If you are yearning for gentle support, guidance, and encouragement in a nurturing, motivating and fun environment this re-set day is calling you…

Groups will be small, to allow us concentrated time and focus.

As places are limited, please complete the contact form to express your interest and we will be in touch as soon as registration is open.

Coming Home to Myself

A series of workshops supporting you to shake yourself up, and focus on your own life journey.

Aimed primarily at people who feel off track in their roles caring and supporting others, or who have experienced life transitions that have left them feeling unsettled. Places are limited to keep the group small and supportive.

The Workshops are divided into two parts.

Part 1 will run for four consecutive weeks.  The themes for the four workshops taken from the amazing Medicine Garden in Cobham, Surrey, England are:

  • Nourishment
  • Stillness
  • Inspiration
  • Courage

Part 2 will focus on:

  • Vitality
  • Flow
  • Wonder
  • Focus

The regular rate for the workshops is $480 (incl tax) for Part 1, and  $480 (incl tax) for Part 2.

If you are interested or would like more information, including the dates this workshop will next be held, please complete the contact form and mention you wish to find out more about the Coming Home to Myself workshops

Next steps

A series of three workshops supporting you to start that thing (you know what that is) that you have been putting off for a very long time now. 

It is also for you if you have started something that you have put to one side, and want to re-focus.

This workshop will work for you if,

  • You have something you want to start but keep putting it off
  • You know what that thing is
  • You would benefit from the non-judgemental support, encouragement and accountability of others to help you take those first few steps
  • You want to provide kindness and support to others as they get back on track

Maybe you want to get healthy, look for a new job, finish your novel, run a 5km, stop drinking coffee, limit your online activity, tidy out your closets.

This workshop series runs on Saturday mornings, every three weeks, from 11.30pm to 1.30pm. Start date tba.

If you are interested or would like more information please connect with me.

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