Career Counselling

So, somewhere along the line you have got off track. And you’re getting a little frustrated.  And maybe losing self-confidence as well as energy. Whatever you do, you still feel SO stuck.

Maybe your days seem busy and full, but when you finally slip under the covers at night, there’s not that warm sense of a job well done.  Instead alongside exhaustion is an ancy, fidgety feeling.

Perhaps it looks like you have it all:  Friends and family look at you and ooh and aah at your success.  But the big house, the great income, the powerful car, the attractive partner, beautiful children, bouncy dog just aren’t enough.  And you feel so guilty about that.

It feels that you’re not really living your own life.  But you’re not too sure what your own life could look like.

Everyone has good, constructive ideas to help you move forward, but you can’t seem to gather the energy and motivation to follow their suggestions.

Change has happened that you hadn’t planned for, or hadn’t wanted, and you are struggling to adapt.  You feel overwhelmed with indecision, and pressure to make choices.  You berate yourself for procrastinating and not getting your act together.

Time to Re-Focus

Career Counselling provides space for you to reflect, ponder and plan.

It helps you to:

  • strengthen your knowledge of yourself – strengths, skills, values as well as potential obstacles and challenges which may be on your path;
  • value yourself and what you offer, and build up your self-confidence;
  • look at opportunities and what is ‘out there’ that would add satisfaction, purpose and meaning to your life; and to build your courage to step forward, create some change, and build momentum on your journey forward;

How I can help

Together we explore what you need to create a meaningful and satisfying life.

We look at your life journey so far, and notice what impacts and influences your decision making.  Activities that I give you inbetween sessions help you clarify the values you hold, as well as your unique combination of strengths, skills and experiences.

My skills as a psychotherapist mean that we can also dedicate time to the issues that arise from your personal life experiences that are getting in the way of your focus on and movement toward your preferred future.

Clients have worked with me when:

  • they feel at a crossroads
  • they are returning to the job market
  • they feel burnt-out
  • they have lost their job
  • they don’t feel valued for what they do
  • they are looking for life/work balance
  • they want a greater sense of meaning or purpose in their life


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