Creating space

creating spaceWhen I am feeling overwhelmed, stuck and unable to make meaningful decisions about… well, about anything, I realise it is is time to unclutter. ┬áSometimes that is clearing the piles on my desk, or managing my unruly stationary drawer, but most of the time it is about stopping and creating stillness… to create space … to declutter my mind… and to breathe fully.The following questions may help you identify what helps you find moments for reflection and clarity.

When you think of calmness and peace, where do you imagine?

If you could snatch 3 to 5 minutes for a pause once or twice a day, how would you use it?

When in your day do you feel you could include a few minutes for stillness?

Who do you know in your life that helps you to slow down, reflect and find perspective?

However cluttered and overloaded our days may seem, developing the practice of taking a few moments of stillness can create energy, clarity and perspective.

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