Feeling Blah

meditationIt’s summer in the city, the sun is out the sky is blue, I have just returned from the rest and relaxation of a family vacation, and I tell myself I should be rested, energized and grounded.  But I’m not.  I’m feeling blah.

As I tend to live in my head, my reaction is to start analyzing the blah… what has caused it, what are the triggers, what’s wrong with me?!  But I want to try something new; something I’ve been practicing for a little while:  I want to see if I can step away from using my head to solve something, and instead remind myself that I am ok in my blahness, that it won’t last, that it won’t get in the way, that I will be alright.  And leave it there.  Notice the blah but not feel the need to treat it as a problem.  If I don’t create the story with my mind that it needs to be fixed, then I can just let it work with me, be with me.

So I am going to let the blah accompany me for a while and just be there in companionable silence.  It will be a challenge as I have a very chatty mind, but I will practice.


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