Finding Flow

“I am rooted, but I flow”. Virgina Woolf

There is a lot of pressure out there to find our passion. To have purpose. To find meaning. Yes, inquiry into these things is powerful and gives opportunity for connecting with our most possible self. However, what I am noticing in conversation after conversation is how much we end up berating and criticizing ourselves when we don’t feel we know our passion or purpose.

Some of us may have grown up with encouragement to try things out, experience new things, make mistakes, try again. But many of us grew up being encouraged to play it safe, keep it small, protect ourselves from disappointment.

Exploring passions and purpose requires giving ourself permission and space to try things out. To learn as we go. To see all experiences as opportunities for understanding and growth.

And so I turn to Flow: There are so many interpretations of flow, but the ones that resonate for me are the idea of ‘going with the flow’; the sense of flow as a natural path; a natural letting go and trusting of self and the universe; being with the flow of nature and the flow of life; letting generous energy flow through me…

Flow, I believe, is the place where we let go of time, and the harried, chirping stories of our to-do lists. Where we are both somewhere else, and completely rooted in our authentic self. Where we have opportunity for joy.

So perhaps it is giving ourselves permission to connect with Flow, that will point us naturally in the direction of our passionate, or peaceful, or energized selves.

Some ways to invite Flow:

  • Claim time and space outside of the environments that are connected to the To-Do lists, the responsibilities and the obligations
  • Keep trying things out. Be a beginner. Do things badly, clumsily, messily.
  • Focus. Put away distractions. Turn your phone off, not just to airplane mode. Or leave it at home. Stop the pings, dings and buzzes of all electronics.
  • Play. Feel selfish and do it anyway.
  • Go outside. Sit near water, stroke the trunks of trees, notice the pattern of snowflakes, feel sand between your toes.
  • Step away from forcing things. Create space for what needs to happen.

If any of the above resonate, I encourage you to journal, make some notes, park the thoughts that come up.

Wishing you many moments of Flow… x

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