Individual Psychotherapy

You’re here because you know something needs to change. You may have been going round in circles, trying harder and harder to make things better.

You may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed, burnt out, stuck, helpless, alone, guilty, confused, exhausted, grief-stricken.

It doesn’t feel like you are living your authentic life.

Your relationships, family, work are being affected.

It feels like you are stuck in the past, reliving painful wounds, and you don’t know how to heal and move forward.

Or you may find yourself constantly worrying about things that haven’t happened, feeling a gnawing  sense of anxiety about the future.

You may be losing confidence in your self, wondering what has happened. Everything feels so uncertain. Sometimes you feel like giving up and running away…

But something inside of you keeps going…

My role is to help you find your way when…

  • You want to live authentically and courageously
  • You want to find your voice and be heard
  • You want to have healthy boundaries
  • You want to value and appreciate yourself
  • You want more loving and healthy relationships
  • You want to stop feeling guilty, resentful or angry
  • You want to let go of shame
  • You want to feel happier

How I help you create change

Together we create the time and space to:

Listen to your own inner voice; Understand yourself, your true, authentic self that you want to reconnect with; Explore and value your own needs, desires and dreams; Create ways to make sure you don’t get lost in your own life.

My role is to help you find your emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual (energy, spirit, soul, essence, existential…you choose what resonates for you) balance: To re-focus (or maybe focus for the first time) on creating a satisfying, meaningful life, including in your relationships and life-work.

Activities and strategies I use

Depending on what works best for you I include:

  • Non-judgmental, focused listening;
  • Compassionate conversation, where I provide questions and feedback to help you find greater clarity and understanding;
  • Journalling or writing;
  • Relaxation and visualisation;
  • Vision boards;
  • Suggestions for reading;
  • Written activities;
  • Helping you understand old unhelpful thought patterns, and develop kinder, compassionate and courageous thought patterns;
  • Accountability;
  • Information and guidance.
If you want to find out more about counselling strategies such as Mindfulness based CBT, Solution-focused, Narrative, Transactional-Analysis, Emotionally Focused Therapy or Person-centred, which inform my practice please feel free to ask me.

Where and how we work together

I currently provide online and phone counselling. Each session is 60 minutes, allowing 50 minutes for personal work and 10 minutes for settling in, and for booking new sessions and payments.

Many clients find 4 to 6 sessions help them get back on track, with a more integrated solution-focused or coaching approach. For others, longer-term more indepth work is what they identify works best.

Some clients may book sessions weekly, every other week or monthly.  Some clients may work intensively and follow up with a ‘tune-up’ (a lovely phrase coined by one of my clients) every few months. The choice is yours. We can discuss your needs on an ongoing basis.

It’s time to pause

So, just imagine having the opportunity to take a pause, breathe, and give yourself the gift of time to reflect and focus on you.

You may already be wondering how… how you can find the time to pause in what feels like an already impossibly busy, jam-packed, hectic schedule. You can’t imagine finding the energy, let alone the head-space to do this… it feels like another To-Do on an already never-ending list.

I can only speak from my own experience and from the feedback of those I work with… finding the time is part of a necessary shift in focus… where YOU are also included in the nurturing and care that you are already providing to those around you.  And taking care of ourselves allows us to be more energised, compassionate and loving in our caring roles.

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