New starts

new startsThere is something about a new year that gives us a sense of possibility…  That feeling that we have a clean slate, a new chapter, another chance.

Alongside the sense of hope that a new year brings, there is often a sense of pressure of having to get is right “this time”… So, as we set ourselves positive and healthy goals we become de-motivated as we face the challenges we have always had in moving forward with those goals.  We can end up feeling disheartened, and even worse it can negatively impact our self-confidence.

Making and acting on positive choices is necessary for our wellbeing.  Choice that comes from within, choices that we own and wish for and value are more likely to give us the energy to continue.  Choices that we feel we “should” do may not give us that energy.  Acting on any choice is challenging if we are not feeling secure, stable and supported, or if we already have lots of change and transition going on in our lives.

Remember, that each hour and each moment gives us the opportunity to think and act differently.  Identify in general terms what you wish for in your preferred future, and then become intentional in identifying the steps that will take you there.  Consider what you can do today… start there… what is your intention for today to take you a step closer to where you want to be?

My intention is to have a healthier diet…my intention today is to cut down my sugar intake:  As my first step, today I will have 4 cups of tea (with a little less sugar!) rather than 8!  There,… I’ve said it out loud.  Who can you say your intention to, out loud?  Who will support you?

I encourage you to wake up each morning and identify your intention for that day.  If you can, tell another, supportive person, or write it down in a diary or journal… Let me know how it goes.

Wishing you a year of personal growth and discovery as you move forward in your own journey

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