I love gathering and sharing information.  My Resources page gives you more information about who and what is out there to support you on your journey, as well as some Downloads to help you get back on track.

Finding a Therapist

What is the difference between a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Life Coach?

How do I know the best Counsellor for me?

Questions to ask a Therapist? 

Low cost therapy.  Fees for counsellors in private practice can be inaccessible for many.  Other avenues to explore are your local community health centres, and working with counsellors who are under supervision whilst they gain hours and experience for their regulatory requirements. Also ask therapists about their sliding scale. Many of us are already at capacity, but please feel free to ask.

Professional Associations / Code of Ethics

(CRPO) College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

(CCPA) Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s Code of Ethics 


If you are able to carve out a few minutes, to put the kettle on, sit down somewhere comfy and check in with your self-care needs, this might help: Self-care Questionnaire

I often come across other people, services and activities that sound fun, interesting or exciting.  Some of the following I have used, worked with and some I have come across and just think sound interesting.  My code of conduct means I can not recommend, but I want to share information in case you are interested in following up. I am not affiliated to any of these people, and neither do I benefit in any way financially…

At some point I would love to spend more time writing. This organisation in Toronto offers the kind of courses that appeal to me Firefly Creative Writing

If you are interested in improving your physical health through yoga, nutrition, and body work, and are near the west end of Toronto: Fit Journey provides yoga, fitness training and other wellness services, including Yoga for anxiety and depression.

Parenting and child-care

The courses offered by the Neufeld Institute, both online and in-class for parents, teachers, care givers, and really anyone who wants to develop a more connected and supportive relationship with children Parenting and childcare courses


I love everything Esther Perel comes out with. She may not realize she is my new best friend! Her approach is both compassionate and clear.  She gets down to detail whilst honouring the wider lenses we all live within.

Terry Real’s focus is direct and clear, holding us responsible for our own stuff, and calling it like it is.  At the same time he holds us accountable his compassion shines through.  He has some helpful tools, including how to have a time out when we are escalating in conflict.

The Gottman Institute provides a lot of resources for relationships, many of them free.

Emotionally focussed therapy uses an attachment lens to help people explore how they show up in relationships based on early and prior experiences and perceptions.  Further information can be found at ICEEFT or CPEH.

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