Andrea BonseyYou’ve found yourself in this place, at this time looking for a counsellor. Maybe you’ve had therapy before, maybe this is the first time. Perhaps you are looking for support for a partner or a child. There is probably a part of you that feels you should be able to cope alone, to sort out your problems without help.

As humans, I believe we are wired to need and yearn for the support of others; that it is not weakness, but strength to seek connection and support. You are taking the courageous risk to reach out and find someone who will be in your corner, but it feels overwhelming to find the right person, at a time when life is feeling pretty overwhelming already. Counsellor, therapist, coach, psychologist, psychiatrist… who is best, and what’s the difference?

My Role

Clients work with me to support them when they are feeling stuck; or faced with decision making and change which is weighing on them; or through times of distress in relationships, career, parenting or life in general.

Some of the concerns clients bring to sessions that contribute to the stuckness and overwhelm include:

  • Navigating through a life-changing event, maybe divorce, bereavement, moving home, becoming a parent, changing country, losing a job, having a difficult health diagnosis;
  • Feeling they are living in an out-of-date story and longing to live more authentically;
  • Distress in relationships, intimate, family, or workplace;
  • Depression, despondence, sadness, anger, anxiety, stress, fear;
  • New or re-emerging trauma impacting relationships, identity, career, decision-making;
  • Feeling lost and overwhelmed, and exhausted with the ongoing effort of trying to make things better;
  • Loss of motivation and energy, alongside a drop in self-confidence and self-belief;
  • A feeling of losing themselves as they try to keep those they care for well and happy.

My services and more about me

Please note that I am currently accepting a minimal amount of new counselling clients, and session wait time can be up to two months. If you would like to set up a free 15 minute consult and be put on my waiting list please let me know.  If you are interested in coaching with me, please explore more about this at

The click-through navigation to your right will give you more concise information about the different types of counselling and support I offer, and some more information about me. Whether you connect with me, or another therapist, feel free to ask the questions you need.

My approach

My counselling approach is integrative, and person-centred. What that really means is that I use a number of different therapeutic approaches dependent on what fits you best. I work collaboratively with you. Together we can explore your thought processes, which are how you interpret a situation, a relationship, or the world. Alongside your thoughts, we can explore your feelings, which influence your thought process. And we can look at behaviours and reactions which are no longer working for you. Change takes time and practice. We go at your pace.

I will ask you questions to help you explore and understand your fears, needs and desires; I will give you suggestions, feedback and resources to support your growth, confidence and motivation. And I will provide you with a sense of gentle accountability to help you stay on track as you move forward. Whether we are working deeper within counselling, or more solution-focused in coaching mode, I am in your corner, helping you navigate your own life-map.  If you are interested in some of the therapeutic approaches that influence my practice. How do I know the best counsellor for me gives some further information you may find helpful.

Being vulnerable

I understand how daunting it can be to find a stranger to share your most vulnerable and messy parts with… I have experienced life changing, wonderful counselling, and not-so helpful counselling. It is so important to me that you feel welcomed, safe and cared for when you connect with me… whether as an ongoing client, or whilst you are gathering information and testing me out.

Change is hard. Change that feels imposed or is initiated by someone else can be particularly difficult to manage. Finding support during this part of your life journey can feel like a weight has been lifted…

Please feel free to contact me here if you want to inquire further.

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