Life Happens: Reaction v. Response

aloneOver the last three days I have been re-building my website, having somehow “lost” it.  If this had happened a month ago, whilst I was moving home, moving province, and transitioning my business, I am not sure how I would have reacted.  With the rest I have had over the past three weeks, and with the permission I have given myself to self-care and rejuvinate, I have been pretty impressed with how I have responded.

Now, I need to work on keeping this sense of space available to me… I know life will become hectic again, and I know I will feel overloaded again, but these past few weeks of calm and relaxation have provided me with the reminder I needed about how life can be…  and how I can be.  And it feels good.  I wish for you the ability to find the space you need to breathe…

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