Upcoming Workshops for 2021

Staying on Track for 2021

– The Workshop will start in May 2021.  

With a new term, a birthday, a new year or any other feeling of transition, many of us feel called upon to create a fresh start and to make some changes.  The changes we desire may be helpful and healthy, but the process of knowing where to start and how to stay on track can feel overwhelming.  Many of us end up getting demotivated and off track, feeling stuck and tired and guilty that we haven’t kept those great intentions.

I truly believe that the pressure of staying accountable to change and transformation can be countered by community, connection and relationship, all working to help support us when the going gets tough.  I am offering this 3 month accountability group to help you stay motivated and encouraged.

If you are ready to explore changes in your life, whether it’s staying on track with self-care, writing a book, exploring an entrepreneurial idea, or running a 5km race, this group can help support momentum.

The group will provide:

  • Five 2-hour virtual meetings through May to July 2021
  • Non-judgemental emotional support and encouragement
  • Opportunities for ideas-sharing and discussion
  • Time for reflection
  • Accountability

We will celebrate together with what is working, and commiserate together with the struggles.

Each group meeting will provide time to talk about where we are all at and what we want to prioritize going forward, as well as provide time for personal-growth, self-care and relaxation activities.

In order to build a supportive community this group is for you if you are able to commit to attending a minimum of 4 meetings.  Please note this is not a psychotherapy group.  It is a solution-focused coaching group.

Group numbers will be kept small to allow for greater support and connection.  There will be a maximum of 5 participants.

The 5 sessions are $455 (plus. tax). Payments can be made in 3 instalments.

To enrol in this year long journey, please complete and submit this intake questionnaire.

Vision Board – Money

Conversations around money often feel icky. We tip-toe around the subject. The reality is, love it or hate it, money is part of our decision making every day.

This workshop for women will explore how we value ourselves through money. We will unpack our money stories, to better understand how they can get in the way of supporting our best self.

We will explore topics like generosity, guilt, envy, deprivation, scarcity and privilege.  We will question how we invest in ourselves (or not) with our money choices.

You will come away with a greater understanding of the choices you make with money and how you can relate to money in a way that aligns with your values, needs and desires.

If you want to to boldly dive into the messiness of your money stories in a supportive, non-judging environment this is for you! This is not about money advice. There will not be a spreadsheet in sight!

Through journalling and vision-boarding, you will gain clarity on your own personal values and explore how you can more effectively make intentional financial choices.

A 2 hour online workshop September 2021: Date to be confirmed $195 (plus. tax).

To save your spot in this special workshop, please complete and submit this intake questionnaire.

~ If you would like to find out a little about the money stories that influence me please read my blog.

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